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6 years 34 weeks ago
We not only offer some of the UKs best gold prices but provide a stream of other useful information that customers constantly ask and query via our regular gold blog articles.
6 years 35 weeks ago
Bullion coins are coins which are bought and sold on a vaiue-for-weight basis. The best prices for gold changes at least once a day due to fluctuating prices. In Britain the common bullion coins are the Sovereign (one pound coin: 1/4oz of 22ct gold) and the half Sovereign (1/2 pound coin: 1/8th oz of 22ct gold). Also popular is the Krugerrand (contains loz of pure gold) but is also available in other weights and sizes.
6 years 36 weeks ago
This gold blog will take some of our more mature readers back in a time when the coinage we used was actually worth something if that makes sense!
6 years 40 weeks ago
Selling your gold - Background Here we have some more independent advice on where to sell your precious items, obtain best gold prices and hopefully you will choose best price for gold but who ever you go to this is valuable information to work with!                             
6 years 43 weeks ago
In days gone by, twice a day, at 10.30am and 3pm, five men would gather in an office at Rothschilds. Each man represented a bullion bank, Rothschild, Sharps Pixley, Mocatta & Goldsmid, Johnson Matthey and Samuel Montagu and these guys decided the best price for gold.
6 years 45 weeks ago
Any of our customers who are researching how to obtain a best price for gold may have come across the subject matter and term “Gold Futures”. Ever wondered what this term means?