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6 years 20 weeks ago
Birthstones are quite regularly the subject of conversation with my customers whilst conducting my best price for gold business whether on the phone or indeed in person. Some are really into what was the zodiac, positions of the sun, moon and planets within the constellations and the associated birthstones, the colour and gem etc., others haven’t a clue but are interested. Here we have some basic information on Birthstones which I hope you find informative.
6 years 22 weeks ago
This short blog article attempts to outline the relationship and evolvement of “weight” and “currency” to gold, silver and indeed precious metals in general.
6 years 23 weeks ago
The Acid Test  
6 years 25 weeks ago
Know what you are selling.........
6 years 25 weeks ago
Customers on the look out for possible best prices for gold regularly make enquiries regarding antique jewellery usually, Victorian, art nouveau, art deco or even retro and of course precious gemstones such as beautiful diamonds! For whatever reason they are sometimes unsure what to do with these items especialy when they are not particularry needed. Well here are some basic tips on what to do if you have you have items worth more than perceived scrap value..........  
6 years 27 weeks ago
The fortunate ones amongst us at some time or another own old jewellery such as gold and silver ornaments, charms, broaches, gold time pieces, indeed all sorts of valuable precious metals and may occasionally wonder where to obtain the best price for gold. It is common these days for items of gold and silver jewellery that are damaged or simply out of fashion, stuck in a drawer somewhere, perhaps disregarded as anything of real value.