Selling Scrap Gold? - Get A Good Deal!

As part of our non-bias approach to our blog articles we offer some good solid information on how to get the best price for your gold. Obvious to some, not so to others! Listed below are some common sense tips we hope you will find useful.


1. Shop around for the best prices for your Gold.

2. Know what you have!

Try to ascertain the precise carat of the Gold. Most gold and other precious metals (but not all) will have a mark although some plate Gold may have fake marks so you have to be Watch out! You can purchase a cheap eye glass on the Internet for £5! Which will enable you to find out for yourself the purity of the piece? Our gold hallmarks chart details the different carats and hallmarks to look for including Silver. Also have an idea of the weight of your Gold. Decent kitchen scales will provide an approximate idea of weight.

3. Open and Transparent Gold buying practices.

Best price for gold pride ourselves on our open and transparent business approach and working practices as we can be as many genuine Scrap Gold buyer businesses have been unfortunately tarnished by the “Cowboys” and “quick buck merchants”.

4. Think before you sell

As previously mentioned do ensure that you are aware of the weight of your Gold and precious metals. Kitchen scales can often give a surprisingly good indication. Why not buy a small digital pocket scale for £10 or less! Try to weigh in Grams if you can as this can be less complicated than Troy ounces and remember that there are approximate 31.1 grams to the ounce.

5. Research

Do invest some time in researching the daily value and current prices for gold. Metal prices are constantly changing daily based on 2 Gold fixes AM and PM in the UK.  It is the world’s economic markets that influence and ultimately control the precious metal price.  Browse the Internet for Gold prices. Reputable Gold dealers should be offering at least 80% upwards of the worth of your Gold according to the day’s Gold fix. Insist on a price from any dealer up front and trust your gut instinct on whether you sell or not.


We do hope that these tips have been helpful but indeed we would be happy to hear from you should you have any experiences that you would ike us to share or perhaps bring to our attention a topic we have not covered within this blog!

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