Best Price For Gold FAQs

How much is my gold worth?

Simply refer to the Best Price For Gold daily gold prices. The calclator price within the value field on the left of your screen is the price we pay you direct based on the gold price for the day.

I have a mixture of carat gold?

We will give you the individual prices for the different gold carat that we receive from you or utilise the on-page calculator .

My gold does not carry a hallmark?

It does not matter. As soon as we receive your gold we will analyse each carat and weight and then immediately contact you with information.

My gold weight does not agree with yours?

We have specialist gold scales and if there is any discrepancy on weight, we will notify you immediately before going any further. We do return free of charge any non-gold or valuable items.

How can I get my scrap gold to Best Price for Gold?

If posting your gold we strongly advise you send your gold to us in a sealed jiffy bag via Royal Mail special delivery. The starting insurance price is £250 cover. If your gold exceeds the above you can get cover for up to £2,500 per parcel from your Post Office. Once you have arranged your special delivery you can visit the Royal Mail website and enter your code to track your parcel to ensure safe delivery.

Alternatively why not pop into see us in Ware and meet us! By appointment only please.

How do you pay me?

Once we have received and agreed a price for your gold, we can:

a) send a cheque, same day, first class post

b) make a quick Internet bank transfer payment to any account that you require. This procedure takes between 5 minutes and 2 hours to go through the same day we agree a price for your gold! Please check here that your bank is part of the quick payment scheme.

c) PayPal transaction

How can I contact Best Price for Gold?

a) Call us from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 0800 130 3343

b) E-mail via the contact us form

When are you open?

Our business hours are: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm and Saturday 10 - 12pm by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

The gold market always fluctuates; what happens if the value for my gold changes once I have sent it?

On the day we receive your gold we will pay the freely advertised on-page calculator value based on the price of gold that day. Please remember to use the calculator tool where the value field indicates the price to you inclusive.

What do you buy?

We accept all types of gold as it all has value, whether it is unwanted, broken jewellery, dental gold or old gold coins and indeed all precious metals including silver and platinum.

How can I work out the value of my gold?

Simple. Just weigh your gold item in grams and check the 'hallmark' for the carat value, then put the data in our gold calculator. The figure that is shown within the £value field is the price payable to you direct as there are no hidden fee's or commissions. If you cannot see the hallmark or do not have accurate weighing equipment don’t worry, we will carefully weigh and determine the gold value for your gold when we receive it.

I don’t know how much my gold weighs?

If you do not have accurate weighing equipment don’t worry, when we receive your gold we will carefully weigh it to the nearest 0.1 gram.

How do I know you have received my gold?

On receiving your gold, we will email or call as confirmation of receipt. Once the gold has been tested we will contact you soon after.

What about gemstones in my jewellery?

We do not buy gemstones. However we will remove them for you and send them back to you, should you wish but we attach no value to them.

Do you buy silver as well as gold?

Yes, please contact us with the details if you have silver you wish to sell or utilise our on-page calculator.

What if I change my mind once I have sent you my gold?

Once we have received, weighed and valued your gold we will make an offer based on the calculator value by way of email, telephone or text. You can then choose to either accept the offer or reject it in which case we will send back your gold by Royal Mail special delivery within 24 hours where we can.