How to sell your scrap gold and get the best price for Gold?


Prior to requesting a valuation from Best Price For Gold we have provided a simple on-line tool to enable you to derive the current carat value of your item. Simply fill in the fields to the left of your screen, press "calculate" and hey presto your value and offer is delivered. We will pay the current advertised price as outlined here when we physically have received your package.

Do not worry if your gold has no hallmark as we will still buy gold of any description – we will test it for you and advise you of its worth! So……….

Step 1 - Click here to request a "valuation"

Fill in the on-line valuation form as best you can, detailing where possible the carat and weight in grams of each item then submit to us.

Step 2 - Send your unwanted gold items

Print out 2 copies of the valuation form, keeping one for your own records, and post the other copy to us along with your gold or if you prefer simply send an accompanying letter with your details. Please do send ONLY via Royal Mail's ‘special delivery’ service.

Please contact us for our postal delivery address.

This service guarantees next day delivery, you can track your items and insures you against loss or damage whilst in transit for up to £500.00. Further insurance of up to £2,500 can also be purchased for items of greater value. Please ensure that all gold items are packaged securely in a jiffy bag with additional padding if necessary. (Please remember that you can pop into our offices for a personal service if you prefer by appointment only).

Step 3 - Scrap Gold valuation

Upon receipt of your scrap gold we will verify your gold items weight and determine the carat value using the most tried and tested methods. During this process it may be necessary to remove gem stones, non -gold wire etc  and some staining may occur due to the testing procedure. We will return free of charge any non-gold items and indeed your Gold should you request it within 24 hours if humanly possible.

Step 4 – Money Offer

Upon receipt of your gold,  we will then contact you and make you the best possible offer by adhering to the advertised on-line calculator value price.

Please note - ALL quotations are subject to our industry best practice examining procedure. ONCE we have confirmed the value of your gold and it has been passed ok then we will be delighted to complete the purchase and buy your gold. During this procedure we will contact you should we have any queries and if necessary will return your goods via special delivery at no extra charge. Best Price for Gold take immense pride in our working practice but mistakes do unfortunately occur and we do reserve the right to correct these as and when they happen. Whilst we guarantee to give our customers, ALWAYS the best prices possible, some prices quoted may be subject to change without notice at the discretion of Best Price for Gold.

Step 5 - Receive Same Day Payment

We pay via instataneous internet bank transfer or by Cheque. It’s up to you how you receive your cash!