Looking after your Gold rings and gemstones

The high current prices for gold is such that we want to look after and treasure it if you pardon the pun! To make sure your gold keeps its appeal and looking in top notch condition will only increase the value of your items ensuring a best price for your gold should you decide to cash in and sell your gold.

Will my gold get dirty with age? Well gold does not essentially change colour at all would you believe but 9ct gold does tend to dull more over time due to the additional non gold copper and silver within the alloy.

For polishing gold rings: smear some jeweller's polishing rouge, see picture below, (stick form is more easily handled than powder) onto several strands of linen thread (old tea towel or cloth of some description)Pull the multi-stranded thread taught (tie one end to a heavy object or get a friend to help). Now rub the ring strongly up and down the thread. In this way, the inside and outside of the ring can be easily polished.


Jewellers rouge - stick form


If you are lucky enough to have Jewellery stones set within your gold then they often often can appear dull or off colour due to soap and everyday gunge build up behind the setting Should your item require some TLC then rub some regular paste cleaner such as 'non-scratch kitchen or bathroom detergent in and around the setting then apply a good clean with a toothbrush (preferably old one!) and copious amounts of hot water. Do ensure that there is a plug in the sink which will catch any rogue stone that falls out of its setting. If this does happen then any competent jeweller can re-set a stone, but lose it? Well it’s probably a case of buying a replacement stone which is not cheap. Last but by no means least, you can simply polish your gemstones to bring out the colour and shine with a soft cloth, simple as that really!

On a final note there are various commercial jewellery cleaners available on the market from jewellery shops, hardware shops, department stores and on-line, either in paste or liquid form.

As primarily a scrap gold buyer we can on occasion arrange a valuation for gemstone jewellery particularly antique items – If in doubt do call us for free on 0800 130 3343 to discuss.

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