Gold Blogs

1 year 37 weeks ago
You can now Sell Gold directly in Hertford for guaranteed best local prices. We offer Appointment only services so you can be assured of our best attention always. As Hertford's leading Scrap Gold Buyer, we can be contacted conveniently close to Hertford North Station. only a 5 minute walk away! Where economically viable to do so, we do offer visits to customers in the comfort of there own homes.
3 years 37 weeks ago
Dear Customer, To align ourselves with Government recommendations regarding the Covid 19 pandemic, we respecfully request that a face mask be worn when you sell scrap gold on our premesis. Many thanks in advance, Philip
4 years 6 weeks ago
We are pleased to announce that we are now very much open for business with some restrictions during these very challenging times! We kindly request that customers visiting us adhere to the governments social distancing rules.
4 years 21 weeks ago
Happy New Year to all our customers.   As leading scrap gold buyers in Herts, Essex and surrounding area’s we are proud to offer;   1.      Guaranteed best gold prices for Herts and Essex. We will better and bona-fide alternative quote! 2.      Customer appointments available in Hertford Mon-Fri. Please call for weekend availability.
4 years 30 weeks ago
Pure gold also known as fine Gold is rarely used for making items, maybe the odd commemorative coin to be kept away, safe in a box or cabinet but as a rule it is too soft so coins would wear away, jewellery would bend out of shape. Hence before manufacture, other metals are added when Gold is being melted down. The result is an alloy, part gold and part metal where the selling gold prices are calculated accordingly.
5 years 2 weeks ago
I am often asked as a leading scrap gold buyer, where do I get my gold prices from? Well the price of gold is actually changing from minute to minute, day to day via the worlds bullion markets. A graph linked to real time information from KITco is provided for my customers on the home page of this web site, this shows the price of Gold at any time and the day's trend, up or down!