Gold Blogs

5 years 52 weeks ago
Our new web site is launched! The site has been designed to offer customers easy access to all the information that makes selling scrap gold just that little bit easier and quicker.
6 years 12 weeks ago
We are pleased to announce that our customers can now peruse real time 24 hour Gold, Silver and Platinum spot prices by visiting our Best Price for Gold home page. This enables customers to view actual prices and daily trends. For more detailed information on precious metal prices and general news visit Kitco.
6 years 14 weeks ago
Pure gold also known as fine Gold is rarely used for making items, perhaps the odd commemorative coin to be kept safely in a box or cabinet but as a rule it is too soft. Coins would wear away, jewellery would bend out of shape. Prior to manufacture other metals are added when Gold is in the melting pot. The result is an alloy, part gold and part metal. We still tend to term the metal ‘gold’ even though it is no longer pure Gold.