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2 years 10 weeks ago
Happy New Year to all our customers! Best Price for Gold will continue to offer a full service in 2017 which is very much appreciated by our customers, just look at our independent Free index scrap gold buyer testimonials. Quite impressive we think!
2 years 23 weeks ago
Best Price for Gold is excited to inform you of our recently upgraded scrap gold buyer service;
2 years 36 weeks ago
What is happening with Gold at the moment? A huge rise in price value for a scrap gold dealer and seller since Brexit, that’s what! The gold price soared against the pound at the fastest pace ever this week in the aftermath of Brexit.
2 years 48 weeks ago
Most Herts Essex gold buyers or any gold expert will most probably believe that the precious metal will continue to perform well for the coming year as a result of a trio of global factors, which I will aim to simplify as best I can! 
3 years 8 weeks ago
Happy New Year to all our customers old and new!
3 years 25 weeks ago
Selling 18 carat gold ? 18ct gold is actually an alloy of such, basically a mix of gold and other metals, typically copper, silver and / or zinc. The mixture of alloy actually contributes to the colour of the gold. For an item of jewellery to be hallmarked 18ct gold, it must contain a minimum of 75% gold this is why you will often see a “750” accompanying Hallmark.