Sell scrap gold ?

The fortunate ones amongst us at some time or another own old jewellery such as gold and silver ornaments, charms, broaches, gold time pieces, indeed all sorts of valuable precious metals and may occasionally wonder where to obtain the best price for gold. It is common these days for items of gold and silver jewellery that are damaged or simply out of fashion, stuck in a drawer somewhere, perhaps disregarded as anything of real value. Some people believe it or not are surprised at the true value of gold and sometimes ponder as to whether there is a market out there for people with gold to sell? 

The value of gold is high at present and some economists forecast that it is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. This applies to any gold object whether immaculate or scrap, regardless of cosmetic appearance it keeps a high value and can be melted and manufactured into brand new jewellery or even gold bullion bars! Excellent news for the prospective seller of Gold!