How much is your 18 carat Gold worth per gram ?

Selling 18 carat gold ?

18ct gold is actually an alloy of such, basically a mix of gold and other metals, typically copper, silver and / or zinc. The mixture of alloy actually contributes to the colour of the gold. For an item of jewellery to be hallmarked 18ct gold, it must contain a minimum of 75% gold this is why you will often see a “750” accompanying Hallmark.

As previously touched on, the colour of 18ct gold depends on the mix of the other metal added. For example, 18ct yellow gold can consist of 75% gold, 13% silver and 12% copper. 18ct white gold will contain more silver or zinc and less copper, whereas rose gold will contain more copper and less silver. As the value of scrap gold is based on the gold content and not the actual colour, 18ct yellow gold is worth exactly the same amount as white or rose gold.

Example of Rose, White and Yellow Gold.


The scrap value of 18ct gold

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