How much is 14ct gold worth per gram?

Continuing my popular mini selling scrap gold series of “How much…” This time its 14 carat gold! Just a recap that the carat (ct) is the unit used to denote the purity of gold. The higher the number, the purer the gold, i.e. the ‘gold’ alloy has more gold content and fewer other alloy metals. By the way in the USA, and some other countries it is spelt ‘karat’ (kt).

24ct gold is calculated to be 100% pure or fine gold or industry standard 99.9%, So 14ct gold is classified as 58.5% gold with additional41.5% alloy. 58.5% fine gold.!

Gold is added with other metals to allow the change in colour and the hardness of the finished product.

14ct gold is often used for men’s rings, as the higher carats such as 22ct and 24ct, while more valuable, are much too soft and will wear a lot quicker.

14ct gold is a popular purity in meditereanean countries such as Greece and Italy. Please be aware that there is no official hallmarking standard or in essence guarantee of gold purity in these countries. In my experience when melted down, items marked as 14 carat (14k) from Greece are often of slightly lesser in purity – around the 55% mark.

My price today for 14ct scrap gold

So, now you know what 14ct gold is made of, you may well ask of its value? Best price for Gold is currently paying around £13 per gram direct to our customers. The value goes up and down daily so it’s hard to give a 100% correct price.

If you weigh your scrap 14ct gold, you can then use our online calculator on the right of the page, to get an accurate scrap gold valuation or quote. Digital kitchen scales will give you a reasonable approximate value or better still use the scales freely available at your local post office!

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