How to get the best price for your Gold

This article is aimed at providing simple, impartial, honest, and good common sense advice on how to obtain the best prices for your gold and silver.

Our customers are aware we give some of the highest prices within the UK for scrap gold, silver, and other precious metals such as Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium and to be truthful we have to so we can compete with our rivals. Please be aware that there are companies who will unscrupulously offer a ridiculously high price on-line for your precious metals only then to offer a derisory amount upon receipt of your items and then miraculously offer twice the amount when you refuse out of hand the original offer (which of course is still be well down on the market rate anyway!). There are traders within the business who will attempt to rip you off, powerful words but regretfully true.

9 carat gold is presently worth over £11 per gram and although a tad volatile due to world economic problems it is generally still on the up! Our recommendations to evade under par low price offerings and conversely, outrageous claims of artificially high prices are as follows;

Shop around for the Best Scrap Gold price.

Best Price for Gold prices are connected directly to the London gold fix which is fixed to a price around 11:00 and 15:00 daily Mon – Fri. You can confirm current daily current gold fix prices . Just click relevant country. Check gold buyer prices on-line and make comparisons. Be careful of misleading Google ad’s advertising super high prices. Always visit the dealers’ web site and check their advertised price if you can find one! Honest gold dealers will almost certainly advertise their existing prices daily, live on-line, the not so reputable will advertise only on their tempting Google ad’s and not their scrap gold and silver home web sites. It is advisable not to visit high street jewelers, Gold street traders and gold TV/Radio advertised companies as there high recurring costs will inevitably be met by you.

Be aware of what you have.

Try to ascertain the carat of the Gold that you have. Most Gold (but not all - especially some foreign) will have a gold or silver stamp although some rolled or plate gold may have non-genuine marks so you have to be on your toes! Why not buy a cheap eye glass on-line and have a look at the UK gold and silver hallmarks. The information on this page outlines the various Gold carats and hallmarks to look for including silver. Decent kitchen scales will also help provide an approximate appreciation of the all-important weight of your scrap gold valuables.

Honest and Transparent scrap Gold purchasing practices.

We are proud to work to a working practice of delivering Honesty, Integrity and Excellent customer service to our customers. Our business is conducted in an open and transparent way. Our business sector has often been tarnished by cowboys and quick buck merchants so when contacting potential gold buyers do not be afraid to ask uncomfortable questions as honest businesses will have nothing to hide and answer accordingly.

Dealing with us.

When dealing with Best Price for Gold you will be paid the advertised on-line price that is available to the general public at the time of us receiving your items and with a guarantee of package returns within 2 working days you are fully in control of your precious Gold, Silver and other metals! Please visit gold questions or call free on 0800 130 3343.  

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