Good time to sell gold ?

When dealing with my customers who wish to sell scrap gold to me they quite often say to me “well this gold jewellery box has been sitting in the cupboard around the house doing nothing and we are not going to wear it so may as well sell the gold for scrap and enjoy the proceeds now…..”

Well you do have options……….

  • Determining whether you actually want to sell?

First determine whether you really want to part with your gold as it will always be a good investment and may well come in handy in the future. If the answer is a likely yes then where to sell gold is important as you want the best price and service that you can get. Typically if you can get 80%-90% of the spot* price then you are doing well so shop around and compare prices but do be aware of rogue traders advertising gold prices that are ridiculously high.

* Watch out for our future blog on the “Spot price”!

  • Gemstones

If you have cherished and indeed valuable gemstones set in your item(s) then I suggest not to scrap as gold but to acquire a valuation appraisal from a local jeweller and once you know the approximate worth perhaps advertise via an on-line auction site but do remember to insert a reserve amount on the minimum you are prepared to accept for the item. You would be surprised hpw many people do forget! Failing that try selling direct to a high street jeweller but the price you receive will be lower but I suppose quicker in the short term.

  • Antique jewellery

Should you have antique jewellery then we do offer a service on this so please contact us as we can offer free advice, buy direct or even sell on your behalf if required.

  • Good time to sell

Now is a good time to sell as the gram price of gold is still relatively high although it has dropped recently and does fluctuate daily, this being linked with the news of the world economies. You can keep an eye on gold prices here where you can peruse a real time independent price graph at the bottom of the home page. Please also feel free to obtain a no obligation price quotation by visiting best price for gold home page or by contacting us direct for a verbal quote.

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