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10 years 33 weeks ago
Best price for gold pride ourselves on good honest business ethics and offer 100% transparency to our customers within our day to day dealings. So if you have wish to sell scrap gold or are just curious then why not configure your own gold and precious metal prices?  
10 years 34 weeks ago
Before you sell scrap gold you at first need to realise the gold content of your gold as not everyone has a magnifying eyeglass or indeed not all gold is hallmarked at all! So not as obvious a question as at first may well seem!
10 years 35 weeks ago
“Are you a buyer of gold and silver coins as well as a UK scrap gold buyer” I am often asked by customers. “Yes I say, along with gold and silver watches etc.” and we do sell gold to the trade too! Anyway In all truth I was wondering what the topic for this week’s gold blog could be?
10 years 36 weeks ago
Birthstones are quite regularly the subject of conversation with my customers whilst conducting my best price for gold business whether on the phone or indeed in person. Some are really into what was the zodiac, positions of the sun, moon and planets within the constellations and the associated birthstones, the colour and gem etc., others haven’t a clue but are interested. Here we have some basic information on Birthstones which I hope you find informative.
10 years 37 weeks ago
This short blog article attempts to outline the relationship and evolvement of “weight” and “currency” to gold, silver and indeed precious metals in general.
10 years 38 weeks ago
The Acid Test