Selling Indian Gold

Scrap Gold Content Discrepencies

There are times when there seems to be a grey area when dealing with non british hallmarked gold and this includes Indian gold. The industry has often experienced unfortunate situations where sections of jewellery are well below the norm in terms of gold content, sometimes as low as 14 carat much to the horror to some customers which of course can seriously affect the gram price of gold.


Indian Gold

Indian gold sometimes known as Asian gold is generally speaking 22 carat gold but has a 21 carat standing within the UK as standard which is why on most quality web sites you will see prices for 21 and 20 carat advertised usually dependent on how much weight adding non gold decoration and solder the items have.

Free Gold Assay test

This situation can sometimes cause customer anxiety naturally so we offer a FREE quick 48 hour testing service (some companies charge up to £100 for this service!) where the gold is melted down and tested for purity, this is called a melt and assay and we will provide a certificate of proof as to the carat of items taking into account any alloy or impurities found within them. Please note that the gold is literally melted in a pot and non-gold removed and remaining metal tested for carat purity.

Free Gold review

If in doubt please do feel free to call for a no obligation chat where we can explain in more detail the perceived problems that can be encountered and where our quick free service is offered to help you obtain the best cash price for your gold.

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