Sell your scrap gold with confidence

Our Gold Buyer service

When customers sell scrap gold they immediately think, what is the best price for gold I can get? Initial thoughts on this are “yes, absolutely!” OK just stand back a little and look into this in a tad more detail. In these times of cut backs, sure making the most, financial wise from any unwanted gold is important but a friendly with a “nothing is too much trouble attitude to customer service” and indeed honesty must surely come into the equation? During our conversations with customers, both regular and new we have discovered that customer service that provides a quick, responsive interaction confirming receipt of gold as and when we receive it, processing and depositing money into customers’ bank account safely same day is crucial.

Gold Price

On price we pay among the highest rates within the UK and unlike some competitors we do not bump up the on line advertised prices artificially only to offer a much lower rate upon receipt of a gold package, and we do advertise our prices, some companies do not, amazingly! You can be sure that the price you see on our web site the day we receive and process is the price you get subject to severe market activity beyond our control, again you can monitor this via our on page real time independent Kitco price graphs. So full transparency is also a factor which brings us nicely onto trust and honesty!

Trust when selling gold

It is paramount to our business to be open and transparent in everything we do. Customers are attracted to us by receiving recommendations from family and friends accompanied with numerous excellent totally independent based testimonials of customer dealings with us. Why check out our Freeindex references now!

British Jewellers Association

We are proud members of this very prestigious organisation which further endorses our commitment to serving our customers with a passion unlike any competitor!

In summary we offer a great competitive gold price, excellent customer service where you come first incidentally, plus open, trustworthy, responsive assistance in what we do best, being trusted UK scrap gold buyers ! Just ask our customers!

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