Best UK Gold prices?

Best and Highest UK gold price?

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Todays metal prices are here to your left of your screen, just enter the known purity of your scrap items plus enter the weight to see your immediate price of gold per gram based on the today’s metal price.


Right, well we do consider ourselves to pay the best and poignantly genuine UK prices for gold and scrap gold to the good people of Britain. By this we mean that all sorts of gold prices are bandied about on the Internet and a lot of them are pure fantasy and not directly linked to the London bullion markets as we are. The price you see here on line is the price you get when we receive your gold – The only exception is if the price of gold reduces faster than we can update our on-line web site! The freely advertised Kitco gold price graphs at the bottom of our home page supply 24 hour real time gold price info.

We are a very small friendly family business; our overheads are very low as no hefty staff costs, or swanky premises. We do not charge any smelting fees, in fact no fees whatsoever, we do our best to keep your item weight loss to a bare minimum (this is mainly due to non-valuable stones, and wires etc.), we even send digital photos direct to you of your gold on our calibrated scales so you can see the weight if you so wish. To cap it all our experienced team will identify the gold carat accurately. Just ask!

Probably the best and highest GENUINE UK gold price!

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