Got any Vintage or Victorian Gold ?

What is Vintage 15 carat gold ?

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15 carat gold is gold of.625 purity that is 62.5% of a piece is gold. Highest grade gold is obviously very expensive and is also quite soft so it is mixed with other materials or alloys to give a harder and cheaper material that is more suitable and longer lasting than pure gold for use in jewellery.

It also can be added to change the colour of gold i.e., Rose, shades of different yellow and white. Alloy materials include copper, silver, iron, platinum and aluminium. 15 carat gold is usually found as either a bright yellow or rose gold.

When was 15 carat gold made ?

15 carat gold was a legal standard between 1854 and 1931. During this time 12 carat (50% gold content) was also used. These two British standards were replaced by 14 carat in 1932. This means that any piece of antique gold jewellery from Britain with the 15 carat hallmark dates somewhere between 1854 and 1931 and you are lucky to be the recipient of a genuine piece of antique or vintage jewellery.

How can I Identify 15 carat gold ?

British antique jewellery which is made of 15 carat gold will be hallmarked with the number 15 and and/or .625. If the piece of jewellery is quite light weight it may just be stamped 15ct. If there are the full hallmarks you would also expect to find a town mark, a date letter and the gold standard mark for the town which would help to give an exact date.


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